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Why should NGOs must not ignore social media to reach more donors

Why Social media For NGOs

NGOs must not ignore social media as it is the best source and cheapest medium to reach more number of people to raise funds and to spread the word of mouth quickly and effectively.

Free Tools NGOs must not ignore to use as:

  1. Blogger ( Free website )
  2. Facebook
  3. twitter
  4. ( for creating wishlist ) Start signup today.
  5. Google Plus groups
  6. facebook page
  7. whatsapp group is  limited to only 100 per group.
  8. SMS

Historical Inspirations

If you haven’t started any of the above online social media tools. I recommend you start today. Better late than never. Here are few past successful events for reference:

Hike has raised funds when there were natural calamities: like floods / earth quakes occurred in the past. It was able to raise crores of rupees in just few days.

amazon has also raised funds for Chennai flood relief  by sending products with the support of popular ngo based in bangalore.

Recently snapdeal also helped several NGOs to raise funds and helped poor and needy.

In what mediums NGOs can receive funds/ donations?

  1. Gift Vouchers
  2. Articles / home needs

Who knows you could be also one among the most popular verified NGOs on the near future.



Featured post

NGOS Must Watch Movies To Get Inspiration

Yes what you read is true. There are several movies that watched in the past, felt I should also do something for the society. I read a quote somewhere “You must be full if you want to give it to others”. I don’t remember the exact quote. It means unless you have something you can’t give it others. Mind you if you try to give everything without getting some status, society takes upon you.You will also feel regret for what you have done.


But there is always hope, above all what you need to have is “hope” . Hope for little and do more. Or do less  and hope for the best. Your hopes will come true. you will be able to do a lot more than what you think.

Movies That Inspire

Why I started this post is because recently watched a Bollywood movie. The movie inspires  several women who are facing challenges in their daily life in the form of abuse or any other. Really felt sad about the girl who played a lead roll in the movie. The movie is all about avgirl who has been cheated by her boyfriend. She neither can say this to her parents nor she can commit suicide because of the guy, who cheats her. But she really has great confidence and finally gets married to the same guy. The movie’s title is Queen. Kangana Ranaut played a lead character Rani in the movie. Rani faces lot of issues staying away in a foreign country where she has to face so many challenges. She doesn’t know the language. She has to stay in a hostel sharing with men. But now and then she finds happiness.  It’s really a heart touching story.

Courtesy: twitter QueenTheFlim

Women in daily life face several challenges. Few things we see, but we ignore. Women must believe they are not weaker, they are not at all less than any man. Equality is given to them everywhere. I remember In a society if a women are treated well and respected like a goddess Adi shakti- the source of power, there won’t be any problem for the society. So respect women you will be blessed.  You can see mother, sister in every woman.

We will come back with some other inspiration soon.

P & G Shiksha: helped 2,80,000 underprivileged children to get education

There are several products of P & G group available in market. Only thing that every person in the society must do is to just buy a product manufactured by P & G Group for a cause as a social responsibility.  P&  G uses some part of the amount will be spent for child education and constructing schools.

Till now  P & G has helped 2,80,000 underprivileged children who can’t afford  the basic right of education.  amazon also has an exclusive page supporting Shiksha with  255 products.  You can visit page and order products for yourself and family members.  This small step can bring  a lot of change in the percentage of literacy rate in India. A child’s education can bring lot of change in a family. That doesn’t stop with that  child, it creates a great future generation.

Lets hope as Shiksha wishes ( “Padhegi India bhadegi India” ) India studies and India grows.




Akshayapatra supplies mid day meals for school children to increase literacy all over India by providing mid day meals

There are several children becoming child labor. All because of poverty. Parents of such children think if they make him / her work for somebody at least they get enough food for that boy or child. That is the situation for millions of children in India especially in rural areas. The reason for parents thinking  like this is just their economic situations and illiteracy.

To help such children and to stop child labor Sri. A.C Bhaktivedanta Sri Parabhupada has started the most popular ngo which provides mid day meals programme with co-operation of Govt. to the children studying in Government schools with the main aim / vision ” No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger” .


Akshaypatra has been founded in the year 2000 and able to supply mid day meal for schools in 25 locations of 10 states of India. After mid -day  meal programme, there is a lot of increase in the percentage of people who go to school.  By this we can understand when basic needs are fulfilled ,  parents can send them to schools for education.

Akshaypatra’s mission :

Askhayapatra is right now able to provide food for 1.5 million children where their aim is to reach 5 million by year 2020.

Akshayapatra Awards:

Akshayapatra received their several awards for their for  service, that includes : Limca Book of Records. And their kitchen was shown as one of the mega kitchens in Discovery and National Television Doordarshan.

Askahayapatra also helps when there are disasters relief, feeding runaway children, scholarship programmes, community health camps and many more. It also helped in recent floods occurred in Chennai.

Conclusion: Hope this information inspires several other people and ngo organizations who would like to help society. As the name suggests, there should be no starving of children and shouldn’t miss the great time to learn.

If you also wish to donate/ sponsor a child you can do  by sponsoring a child Rs.750/- for the entire academic year.


References: Wikipedia












SBI INDIA offers Youth For India Fellowship Program.

Youth For India Fellowship Programme

Youth For India is a 13 month fellowship programme offered for the Indian youth who can work with popular NGOs to develop Rural India and to solve the most pressing challenges.

Fellows can choose existing programmes/ projects or start new programmes/ projects. Presently the existing fellows are working on variety of projects in 30 locations in 12 states of all over India.

There are several projects / improvements in the following fields are needed:

1. Education:

2. Health

3. Environment protection

4. Food Security

5. Rural Livelyhoods

6. Traditional Crafts

7. Women Empowerment

8. Self Governance

9. Social Entrepreneurship

10. Watershed Development

11. Technology

12. Alternate Energy


Candidate must be Indian citizen

Must have completed graduation

Age: 21- 32 by the date of joining / programme commencing

Last date to apply : 10th June 2016.

Date of shortlist: Short listed candidates will be intimated on or before : 13th June

Interview: 1st July for the candidates elected. Will be held in major metro cities.

Apply Online:

Saviours : Finds blood donors for needy and saves 100s of lives


I was really surprised to see the great work of few young people who help needy by arranging blood as quickly as they can. Yet they don’t even expect anything from others. Only thing the expect from you in return is to be helpful for the people  in needy.

All this started with an idea and only with very few volunteers. Their moto must be  really appreciated. I don’t know how could they achieve such great heights. We must really appreciate their hard work.

Saviours is right now able to arrange donors successfully in Kolkata and Delhi. They also conduct training  programs in the form of internship.

We must educate people about blood donation because majority of  people still believe donating blood makes you week or you feel tired. But really it’s not true. Whether you donate or don’t, new blood is regenerated  automatically. So don’t hesitate to donate blood.

You can save a life of your family or a neighbor’s family   by just sharing their need and what group of blood you need. . You may not have time to do service for others but  you can spend time to like saviours’ facebook page. Share it with your friends and family right now.

Let’s make there is not even a single death because of blood scarcity.

Saviours’ Contact Info

 Mobile: 9836976110


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