Yes what you read is true. There are several movies that watched in the past, felt I should also do something for the society. I read a quote somewhere “You must be full if you want to give it to others”. I don’t remember the exact quote. It means unless you have something you can’t give it others. Mind you if you try to give everything without getting some status, society takes upon you.You will also feel regret for what you have done.


But there is always hope, above all what you need to have is “hope” . Hope for little and do more. Or do less  and hope for the best. Your hopes will come true. you will be able to do a lot more than what you think.

Movies That Inspire

Why I started this post is because recently watched a Bollywood movie. The movie inspires  several women who are facing challenges in their daily life in the form of abuse or any other. Really felt sad about the girl who played a lead roll in the movie. The movie is all about avgirl who has been cheated by her boyfriend. She neither can say this to her parents nor she can commit suicide because of the guy, who cheats her. But she really has great confidence and finally gets married to the same guy. The movie’s title is Queen. Kangana Ranaut played a lead character Rani in the movie. Rani faces lot of issues staying away in a foreign country where she has to face so many challenges. She doesn’t know the language. She has to stay in a hostel sharing with men. But now and then she finds happiness.  It’s really a heart touching story.

Courtesy: twitter QueenTheFlim

Women in daily life face several challenges. Few things we see, but we ignore. Women must believe they are not weaker, they are not at all less than any man. Equality is given to them everywhere. I remember In a society if a women are treated well and respected like a goddess Adi shakti- the source of power, there won’t be any problem for the society. So respect women you will be blessed.  You can see mother, sister in every woman.

We will come back with some other inspiration soon.