There are several children becoming child labor. All because of poverty. Parents of such children think if they make him / her work for somebody at least they get enough food for that boy or child. That is the situation for millions of children in India especially in rural areas. The reason for parents thinking  like this is just their economic situations and illiteracy.

To help such children and to stop child labor Sri. A.C Bhaktivedanta Sri Parabhupada has started the most popular ngo which provides mid day meals programme with co-operation of Govt. to the children studying in Government schools with the main aim / vision ” No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger” .


Akshaypatra has been founded in the year 2000 and able to supply mid day meal for schools in 25 locations of 10 states of India. After mid -day  meal programme, there is a lot of increase in the percentage of people who go to school.  By this we can understand when basic needs are fulfilled ,  parents can send them to schools for education.

Akshaypatra’s mission :

Askhayapatra is right now able to provide food for 1.5 million children where their aim is to reach 5 million by year 2020.

Akshayapatra Awards:

Akshayapatra received their several awards for their for  service, that includes : Limca Book of Records. And their kitchen was shown as one of the mega kitchens in Discovery and National Television Doordarshan.

Askahayapatra also helps when there are disasters relief, feeding runaway children, scholarship programmes, community health camps and many more. It also helped in recent floods occurred in Chennai.

Conclusion: Hope this information inspires several other people and ngo organizations who would like to help society. As the name suggests, there should be no starving of children and shouldn’t miss the great time to learn.

If you also wish to donate/ sponsor a child you can do  by sponsoring a child Rs.750/- for the entire academic year.


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