There are several products of P & G group available in market. Only thing that every person in the society must do is to just buy a product manufactured by P & G Group for a cause as a social responsibility.  P&  G uses some part of the amount will be spent for child education and constructing schools.

Till now  P & G has helped 2,80,000 underprivileged children who can’t afford  the basic right of education.  amazon also has an exclusive page supporting Shiksha with  255 products.  You can visit page and order products for yourself and family members.  This small step can bring  a lot of change in the percentage of literacy rate in India. A child’s education can bring lot of change in a family. That doesn’t stop with that  child, it creates a great future generation.

Lets hope as Shiksha wishes ( “Padhegi India bhadegi India” ) India studies and India grows.