I was really surprised to see the great work of few young people who help needy by arranging blood as quickly as they can. Yet they don’t even expect anything from others. Only thing the expect from you in return is to be helpful for the people  in needy.

All this started with an idea and only with very few volunteers. Their moto must be  really appreciated. I don’t know how could they achieve such great heights. We must really appreciate their hard work.

Saviours is right now able to arrange donors successfully in Kolkata and Delhi. They also conduct training  programs in the form of internship.

We must educate people about blood donation because majority of  people still believe donating blood makes you week or you feel tired. But really it’s not true. Whether you donate or don’t, new blood is regenerated  automatically. So don’t hesitate to donate blood.

You can save a life of your family or a neighbor’s family   by just sharing their need and what group of blood you need. . You may not have time to do service for others but  you can spend time to like saviours’ facebook page. Share it with your friends and family right now.

Let’s make there is not even a single death because of blood scarcity.

Saviours’ Contact Info

 Mobile: 9836976110