Why Social media For NGOs

NGOs must not ignore social media as it is the best source and cheapest medium to reach more number of people to raise funds and to spread the word of mouth quickly and effectively.

Free Tools NGOs must not ignore to use as:

  1. Blogger ( Free website )
  2. Facebook
  3. twitter
  4. amazon.in ( for creating wishlist ) Start signup today.
  5. Google Plus groups
  6. facebook page
  7. whatsapp group is  limited to only 100 per group.
  8. SMS

Historical Inspirations

If you haven’t started any of the above online social media tools. I recommend you start today. Better late than never. Here are few past successful events for reference:

Hike has raised funds when there were natural calamities: like floods / earth quakes occurred in the past. It was able to raise crores of rupees in just few days.

amazon has also raised funds for Chennai flood relief  by sending products with the support of popular ngo based in bangalore.

Recently snapdeal also helped several NGOs to raise funds and helped poor and needy.

In what mediums NGOs can receive funds/ donations?

  1. Gift Vouchers
  2. Articles / home needs

Who knows you could be also one among the most popular verified NGOs on amazon.in the near future.